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Late last year, NCVER completed a project, 'Defining STEM knowledge and skills for vocational occupations', that sought to identify the place of VET in delivering the STEM skills and to provide clarity around the definition of STEM competency.Some more recent publications in VOCEDplus include: If you're looking for more information about the role of VET in STEM skills development, see the STEM skills Podlet.contains short alphabetic codes used to represent names of libraries and other kinds of organizations that need to be identified in the bibliographic environment.This code list is an essential reference tool for those dealing with MARC records, for systems reporting library holdings, for many interlibrary loan systems, and for those who may be organizing cooperative projects on a regional, national, or international scale.The process of setting up a My SQL database varies from host to host, you will however end up with a database name, a user name and a password.

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A general-purpose DBMS allows the definition, creation, querying, update, and administration of databases.

It includes new codes assigned since the last edition.