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14-Aug-2017 07:20

His remark—which launched a flood of T-shirts—came at an Amazon Web Services conference in April 2014, when he announced that Infor would move all of its IT operations into AWS data centers—and out of its own.That was a bold statement at the time, and it presaged a change in how big software companies are building and distributing their products.With networks lagging behind cloud technology, this is the perfect opportunity to consolidate data centers.There are many reasons to update data center infrastructure.For example, when two financial services companies combined they needed to consolidate four data centers, merge two separate IT operations, establish a new enterprise-class high-availability environment, reduce costs and accelerate transaction execution.

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Of the active data centers, only 120 have embraced server utilization tools, including those at NASA and the Social Security Administration.

Without a proper networking solution, enterprises are losing time, money, and productivity.

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