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27-Nov-2017 07:00

She will not forgive you for the smallest of mistakes and enjoys watching you squirm in your chair, embarrassed. Her precise duties can vary from lovingly criticising you in front of your husband, taunting you with scathing remarks while your husband is not around and haunting you in the middle of the night, even in the privacy of your own bedroom!I don't want to sound prejiduce or something but Desi and black relationships face a whole nother set of problems. His parents know me and they know we go out to the movies and dont mind.. Muslim people I know arent racist because they werent raise to judge by color...It's already a huge feet that he has taken by even asking you out because Pakistanis are pressured to "date" and marry Pakistani Muslims. they are very religous though but im not sure if they are racist. I met him because we go to the same mosque because I am in the process of converting from christianity to Islam. Thats why in Bollywood they have alot of white people and the dark indians in the background dancing..if they would just see that white people would spit on them if they had the chance...We still talk and a few days ago he said he will never lose his feelings for me.Although I tried to stay away with him to get over him, I just can't do it. So my question is: what would I, as a western girl, need to change if I wanted to be with him and marry him?

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I am willing to change, although he doesn't want to tell me what exactly I would need to change. I know there are certain cultural differences and he's also muslim, but I don't think that should be a problem.

We talked about everything - from the most basic things to our future.

He's all I've ever wanted but now he decided to break-up with me because he says what we had would never work out.

The world expects us to be either the frothy-mouthed zealots or mini-mart owners they see on TV.

In Pakistan, almost the entire school curriculum is taught in English, and this has created generations of Pakistanis who navigate English with complete ease.

Muslim people I know arent racist because they werent raise to judge by color...