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Ask him if you could tell your best friend about the relationship, and see how he reacts.On the other hand, I want to encourage you to not be too quick to define your relationship with your secret boyfriend. I am a total abstinence advocate and believe in youths keeping themselves sexually pure…until Marriage. I was supposed to be in your wedding but you know I couldn’t make it. Well, we were classmates, level mates and all that. Always topping the class in tests and exams and I was like, it wouldn’t be bad to have this guy as a friend o. I just wanted him to be a friend because the guy is damn good, especially that I had dreams of graduating with a first class. On his own while, he saw this slim, smart and beautiful babe, me and was crushing on her. I gave my consent to start a relationship with him because we shared same values: sexual and all. I wanted somebody who would not pressure me for sex, a well self-controlled man. I didn’t like all the heartbreaks I saw my sisters and friends go through. These words sank into me for a very long time and so several time, I would ask him what he meant by ‘loving me’, what was his idea, what were his expectations? He completely left me to make a choice and didn’t put me under any unusual intense pressure. I also help youth debunk all myth about fears to help them live their dreams. You don’t ever borrow my books without returning them. You got married last month after an eight years dating relationship without sex. I remember the inscription he wrote on a piece of paper as we left the restaurant, reading “I LOVE YOU OMOBOLA’.It’s a great part of relationships – it’s the part that makes us grow as people. if you can live with the relationship exactly as it is right now… It’s funny, but a lot of the time relationship conflicts happen because one person has an idea or vision in their head and their partner has no idea of what the other one’s “image” of the relationship is.You figured that you would eventually move in together. Regardless of what vision you had in your head of how you think things should be or could be eventually, he’s not looking for that to be the reality right now. And instead of giving each other trust and space, the one with the “image” or “vision” of how the relationship “should” be just starts freaking out and attacking their partner for not “getting it”. He graduated with a First Class Honours as the best in the department and Faculty while I was rated the most improved student who rose from a Third Class Grade to a Second Class Upper Division. Younger ones wanted to know how we successfully combined both without one or both falling apart. I didn’t like the idea of dating someone within my age bracket. Lecturers used us as great examples (even though some of them were skeptical at the onset). He was the one doing more of the helping though because he’s the smarter one who grabs things faster. I would say that at this point, I completely saw that he was sincere but I was scared.

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He seems to put himself and friends first before me. What do I do if my boyfriend doesn’t want to move-in together? But relationships are guaranteed to make one or both people grow…We’re pretty much done having fun and I think we’re ready to settle down and start having children.I guess that’s why it’s been taking him so long to propose, you know?“We’ve been waiting until we’re in a financially comfortable situation.

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I mean, we were financially comfortable a few years ago, and then he bought the jet skis, so we’ve been working on getting financially comfortable again since then.” Donaldson went on to say that after eight years of living with Kevin, not counting the other four years they were dating while living separately, she couldn’t wait for the wedding so that their life could finally begin.

Local Catholic Becky Donaldson confirmed this week that she is absolutely confident that her live-in boyfriend of eight years, Kevin Reynolds, will soon be proposing.