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He has written books and research articles on the foundations of quantum mechanics.

For his work in Philosophy of Science, he was awarded the 1996 Lakatos Prize.

It is a collection of letters written to various colleagues, most of whom regularly circuit this archive, including Howard Barnum, Paul Benioff, Charles Bennett, Herbert Bernstein, Doug Bilodeau, Gilles Brassard, Jeffrey Bub, Carlton Caves, Gregory Comer, Robert Griffiths, Adrian Kent, Rolf Landauer, Hideo Mabuchi, David Mermin, David Meyer, Michael Nielsen, Asher Peres, John Preskill, Mary Beth Ruskai, Ruediger Schack, Abner Shimony, William Wootters, Anton Zeilinger, and many others.

The singular thread sewing all the letters together is the quantum.

He has done substantial research on complemantarity in multiparticle quantum interferometry and in quantum entanglement.

He has taught at Boston University for several decades, holding appointments in both the Physics and Philosophy Departments.

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