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For a list of the amazing agents participating in Pitch Wars 2016, go here and here. PW #303: Young Adult Urban Fantasy: THE MEMORY KEEPERPitch: Skyla Jenkins has mere hours to find her sister Morrow’s memory book before the rogue memories that escaped it steal her twin’s identity forever. Not willing to lose him, Gwen hits the road to bring him home. I.—he has the chance to carry out the perfect inside job and destroy Big Brother’s powerful new weapon.

AGENTS: To make requests, simply peruse the following entries and enter what you would like to have the writers’ send you in the comments of the posts. THE MEMORY KEEPER features an inconsistent narrator. But as she and his ragtag disciples trail in the Beggar’s wake, Gwen discovers his mission is much more sinister than just preaching. PW #312: Young Adult Science Fiction (LGBT, Own Voices): STEALING THE STARSPitch: When seventeen-year-old Aria Locksley, a thief with a failing heart, botches a heist and gets her captain captured, she and the roguish ladies aboard the Siren must consort with an eccentric black-market crime boss and steal the priceless Night Diamond in order to secure the collateral to rescue her captain and replace Aria’s heart. But “SPRITE” might be more like him than he ever suspected…

Eventually all of this is going to come out and I can't wait.

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If you would like to cheer on your friends, go to the Twitter hashtag #Pitch Wars and show your support there. PW #301: Young Adult Thriller: FLASH MOB MURDERSPitch: Amateur vigilante, Lia Finch, vows to take down the flash mob that murdered her father. One of the last surviving sorcerers, Leinna grew up a hostage of Zarailla’s military—a condition of an uneasy truce. PW #309: Young Adult Science Fiction: MONSTERS BENEATH OUR SKINPitch: The Darkness, a fog-like entity from a failed military experiment, infects Kadey with a corruption like many others—she disintegrates any living thing she touches. But unlike other people with the corruption disease, when Kadey encounters the Darkness, she goes temporarily insane, killing anyone, and anything, she gets her hands on. PW #310: Young Adult Speculative Historical Fiction: SASSAFRAS ROADPitch: In 1924, four-year-old Ada Mae Baker vanishes from Sassafras Road and into the year 2000. Attraction sparks when the two must ally against the brutal Viking conqueror who would enslave them and claim the hammer’s power for himself. But when a traveling carnival arrives, Corinna sees a way out to a vast and dangerous world where Aidan may be hiding.

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