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Brian has devolved into the show's most obnoxious character in recent years, mainly because of the way his his smug, pretentious side emerges whenever the subject of his DOA writing career comes up. Instead, Martin (or rather, his impostor) quickly shot down the pitch and Brian and Stewie learned a valuable lesson about being themselves.

This episode also worked because it allowed Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland to shine alongside Peter himself.

The simplest explanation is that, in the absence of new models, most of us repeat history, especially when we are stressed or triggered.

“Banning corporal punishment against children reflects a firm commitment to human rights for all, including the smallest and most vulnerable.

In addition, we safeguard children from the seriously adverse effects of physical punishment and model to them the value of patience, kindness, and creative problem solving.

These days it seems like any personality quirk or sign of excess energy is enough to bring down an A. It was amusing to see Stewie's wide-eyed, slow motion behavior contrasted with Brian's hyperactive mania.

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Hartman put it best when he said, "So your baby won't sit still in a way that's convenient for his teacher? This episode might not have had anything particularly groundbreaking to say about the subject, but the anti-Adderall message was still plenty insightful. Whereas The Simpsons kicked off its new season tonight with a heavily hyped episode about Homer and Marge finally splitting up, for Family Guy it was pretty much business as usual. While "Pilling Them Softly" didn't truly stand out in any regard, it proved just amusing and insightful enough to kick off the season on the right note. If this particular storyline had simply focused on Stewie languidly enjoying his new over-medicated state, it would have gotten old pretty quickly.