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I.'s swaggering lines and memorable hook."Rubberband Man" is Tip in his essence: edgy, but with crossoverappeal and charisma to boot.

Here's now coming a list of songs with similes in them."Do you ever feel like a plastic bag Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

Hopefully, on this You Tube frenzy of your newest discoveries of Spanish music, you will come across more songs that aren’t on this list.

Whether or not you agree that he's the "King of the South," there is no denying his excellent catalog. Think Charles Barkley's "I Am Not a Role Model" commercial, only with organs and reflective 16s. While he's one of the most macho rappers around, T. is a man withvulnerabilities just like everyone else. But it was the uplifting production andinspiring vocals from Rihanna that helped make "Live Your Life" Tip'ssecond solo No. , Tip referredto "Doin' My Job" as his favorite song from his catalog. Is there a better song to get a speeding ticket to? rides Mannie Fresh's triumphant beat with steel-toed rhymes, and the result is soalluring that T. Tip maynever have been scared, but upon hearing this song, it's likely he hadother rappers shaking in their oversized jerseys. Many fame songs resort to a "poor me" rhetoric, but Tip was moreenraged than self-pitying. kept things balanced by including the heartfelt "Live in the Sky." But the ode to fallen friends is no obligatory gimmick;according to Tip, he shed tears while writing this song. tomake a run at the throne than with a song flipping a Jay bar to make Jigga his hype man?

And you will be better than most of them."Don't You Want Me," The Human League The words are kind of creepy and possessive — we think the song's subject knows what she wants without a man telling her. And who doesn't want to fake the Human League's British accents while singing this? Akon If there are Lonely Island fans in your friend group, they'll look to see which of the group's songs are available to sing.

I recently found this surprising option at a karaoke place in Toronto.By now, we are sure you have got a fair idea of what simile is all about.