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"When the neurologist said the strokes might have been going on for years, Mary and I remembered my funny turn at the wedding more than a decade earlier." Bob met Mary in South Africa, where he was an actor, and they married in 1955, returning to the UK in 1961. But compering the lunchtime TV show Call My Bluff in 1996, Bob had 'moments of confusion' which have only since become significant.

Dan Levy – Co Host Dan Levy co-hosts the popular MTV programs, The After Show and The Hills After Show along with fellow host Jessi Cruickshank.

Bob had suffered 'multiple minor strokes' or TIAs (transient ischaemic attacks) over the past decade.

A TIA is a stroke in which severe symptoms last up to half an hour, but disappear within 24 hours.

Neatly ignoring his past in the Bond canon, Stephens has worked on a series of Radio 4 adaptations of Fleming's books.

It was only over ten years later, in 2002, after he suffered a stroke that left him temporarily paralysed down his left side, that brain scans revealed the awful truth.

They threw me to the floor and put a wire around my neck and took my clothes off." She was left with handprints visible on her inner thighs."As it was happening I dissociated myself so that I was watching rather than being involved. I just kept begging them to let me go home so that I could see my mum. "As it went on and on, and I was getting colder and colder, I got into a state of shock and really thought I was going to die.

I just thought that they couldn't let me go after what they had done to me.

Treatments Wellness has been providing therapeutic care in Mississauga since 1996.

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Our wellness services are available seven days a week at our clinic.Then again, this is a movie where Woody Allen plays Bond's nephew, "Jimmy Bond", so perhaps this ?