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Anybody punting Poland can be so kind to provide feedback? Appears to be a small and intimate place in Warszawa 1/3. The red house is a typical Polish nightclub and bordello with women performing striptease, drinking and talking to customers. Read More and view images » Polish search engine and news portal.

Believe it or not, but this nightclub close to the German/Polish border was trying to launch auctions on ebay for an entire night at their club. This escort mall publishes ads of Polish girls working out of private apartments. It's possible to retreat with ladies to private room for relaxation. You could call it the Polish Yahoo as it contains a very nice directory of Polish internet sites.

After Bohemia conquered Krakow and Silesia following the defeat of the Hungarians by Otto I King of Germany at Lechfeld in 955, the Polanian state absorbed the region of Sandomierz and land on the upper Bug and upper Dniester rivers, composed of all these areas and united under its Piast rulers, emerged as a stable political entity in the second half of the 10th century.

The conversion of Poland to Christianity in 966 reinforced the unity of the new nation state.

Einhard's Annales record a council at Frankfurt in 822 attended by legates from "orientalium Sclavorum, id est Abodritorum, Soraborum, Wiltzorum, Beheimorum, Marvanorum, Prdenecentorum et in Pannonia residentium Avarum".

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