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14-Sep-2017 04:36

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You’ll never catch him going out looking like a meff.He prides himself on the way he looks (a little bit more than you…Yeah, they’ll buzz off you when you fall of your KG heels, but they give as good as they get!These lads know how important it is that you feel a million dollars and they’re dedicated to the cause.He has to watch, without fail, any time a game is on. This dedication and loyalty will not go amiss with you; he will shower you in just as much affection when you’ve been sat on your own all day in the SJ.

If, like me, you come from the blue half of town you don't refer to yourself as a Liverpudlian (which carries an entirely different connotation).

It comes from 'lobscouse' which was a dish eaten in those parts, made with hard tack and bully beef.