Speed dating tyler seguin

06-Nov-2017 23:11

According to CCSNE.com, in the first round of the playoffs in Toronto this year, Seguin reportedly went out partying in his hometown.

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And at least Seguin has managed to maintain his good looks despite getting beat up nightly on a hockey rink.Aly Raisman is living the dream of any 18-year-old Boston girl right now.Not only did she just win two gold medals and a bronze at the London Olympics, she also has Bruins star Tyler Seguin gushing over her.The Boston Herald later reported that the Bruins were so frustrated with Seguin that they ordered him to stay in a hotel in the playoffs and posted a guard outside his room to keep him in there.

Seguin’s mother denied the reports, but based on some of the photos we’ve found floating around the interwebs, there is at least some truth to the rumors.

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