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Because of this problem, I decided to make a function (at least in the short testing) to return the right kind of differences between the UNIX timestamps and dates in human readable format.

This function uses PHP strtotime function to calculate real differences and can handle leap years and DST.

It can be used various date / time formats: Unix Timestamp (in milliseconds), or a string containing an English datetime format.

It can also be used a string with the words: NOW for current date-time, and TOMORROW for the next day (the 0:0:1 time); see in the examples presented after the code of this function.

For that, you might want to consider something like underscore.string - although it seems like a long way to go just for a few extra zeroes.

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I know I can do anything and some more envolving Dates with momentjs.

This function can also return Twitter like about texts with precision parameter. "\n"; echo date Diff("2006-04-12 ", "1987-04-12 ") . "\n"; echo date Diff("now", "now -6 year -2 months -10 days") .