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if not for eons—anthropology continuously pushes backward the time of human origin—life expectancy was short.The few people who grew old were assumed, because of their years, to have won the favor of the gods. Beginning in the 19th century, that slowly changed.It's technically possible for each state to replace fossil fuel energy with entirely clean, renewable energy, experts say.

Projections of ever-longer life spans assume no incredible medical discoveries—rather, that the escalator ride simply continues.The 50 individual state plans call for aggressive changes to both infrastructure and the ways we currently consume energy, but indicate that the conversion is technically and economically possible through the wide-scale implementation of existing technologies.The new plan calls for no more than 0.5 percent of any state's land to be covered in solar panels or wind turbines.The upfront cost of the changes would be significant, but wind and sunlight are free.

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So the overall cost spread over time would be roughly equal to the price of the fossil fuel infrastructure, maintenance and production, authors say.

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