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13 Even in pre-Christian times, there were efforts to claim a chronological precedence for Greece at the expense of Egypt. 356 BC in Egypt) opposed Herodotus' figures using the trick of transforming years into months. In the traditional chronicle of the 30 dynasties, with 113 genera- tions, the total number of years is named as 36,525, whereby the largest share of 30,000 falls to Hephaestus; as the last native Pharaoh Nectanebos, some 15 years before Alexander the Great, is assigned the Anno Mundi 5147. There are also several intrin- sic features that detract from its value as chronological source. 26 It is indeed correct that Pharaonic sources do not attest an interca- lated day. On the other hand, the position of "Buto" in the Maadi-Buto terminology indicates that the terminal stage(s) of this culture at Buto (and many other contemporary Delta sites) are no longer present at the key site of Maadi itself. 13 This view has been accepted for a long time, but more recently Kaiser has considered the Tasian as an entity distinct from the Badarian. De Cree, '"Mutatis Mutandis' Egyptian Relations with Palestine in the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age I IV" GM 124 (1991), 21-42; K. van den Brink, ed., The Nile Delta in Transition: 4th.-3rd Millennium B. (Jerusalem, 1992), 31-42; idem, "Lower and Upper Egypt in the Chalcolithic Period. Kobusiewicz, eds., Interregional Contacts in the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa (Poznan, 1996), 279-289; S. Tutundzic, "Chalcolithic Canaan and Egypt: Reinvestigations and Considerations", Journal of the Serbian Archaeological Society 12 (1996), 25-33. von der Way, Untersuchungen zur Spatvor- und Friihgeschichte Unteragyptens (Heidelberg: SAGA 8, 1993). However, this seems most unlikely because of the presence of beakers strongly resembling those of the Tasian in Sudanese neolithic contexts, for example at Kadero and Kadada, dated to late 5th— early 4th millennium cal. 1 ' Most recently, Tasian beakers have also been published for the Eastern Desert. Regional differences may have existed, the unit in the Badari region itself being the only well documented one up to now. The possibility for regional variation, especially between UE and LE, can therefore not be excluded. Naqada IIIB Kaiser's Stufe Illb does not occur at the Armant cemetery, on which his chronological framework is based, and is therefore mainly an inter- pretation of the theoretical evolution of the Wavy-Handled types. A remark- able change is the strong increase in stone vessels. Reign lengths given in the papyrus were sometimes used as evidence for annual cattle counts and at other times, for a biennial census. Nor does evi- dence from contemporaneous documents always inspire confidence. Depuydt, "Calendars and Years in Ancient Egypt" (forthcoming in the Acts of a session on "Calendars and Years" held at the 2005 Notre Dame Workshop on the History of Astronomy). 18 Apparently, they began on average a little too early for the first crescent to have been visible in the evening preceding daylight of Day 1 (see note 5). At 52a, line 19, for '11 June 688 BCE' read '20 June 688 BCE'. Posener-Krieger found two lunar dates in the Neferirkare c archive; both could be regnal years of Izezi, or only one date his and the other Wenis's. … continue reading »

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