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04-Dec-2017 13:54

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Yes, the phrase “200 percent singles supplement” is confusing since “supplement” usually means “in addition.” However 200 percent is the total price solo cruisers must pay to sail alone. They would rather have a live person that will spend money on drinks, tours and spa treatments on the cruise than an empty bed. In fact, mainstream cruising is largely an activity for families and couples, despite the notion you may have gained by watching “The Love Boat.” So, solo cruisers have one basic choice, either pony up for the empty bed (pay the singles supplement), or find a roommate tolerable enough for sharing a stateroom.

Exploring the Options for Solo Cruisers First I want to note that not every solo cruiser likes the term “single cruiser.” Some say it connotes a person cruising for romance.

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It is typically described as “200 percent” of the regular cruise fare.

When are the cruise lines going to understand the "single person" dilemma?

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